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ZCM's Advantage Capability

Suzhou THVOW Technology Co.,Ltd. (THVOW, stock no. 002564) is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure vessel with high reputation for providing reliable and excellent solutions. THVOW is professional in designing, fabricating and engineering sourcing pressure vessels in the market of Petro-chemical, Coal-chemical, Refinery, Metallurgy, Green Energy, Nuclear and Offshore industries etc.

THVOW has four plants which are Linjiang Plant and Chengyang Plant located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, Urumchi Plant and Ili Plant located in Sinkiang Autonomous Area. The Zhangjiagang plants cover 670,000㎡, employees more than 3000. It was certified by H.S.E and ASME with 'U', 'U2', 'S' stamp. THVOW also got nuclear license in China. 

New Project
  • Installation Site: 184T Middle Circuit Heat Exchanger (Methanol Equipment) Project
  • Installation Site: 460T, 71m Rectifying Tower (Methanol Equipment) Project
  • Evaporating Station Turn-key Project for Jinshen Chemical (Shandong).
  • Propylene Rectifying Tower for the Coal Chemical Industry.
  • Methanol To Olefin (MTO) Project for Shenhua (Baotou) Corp.
  • Methanol To Olefin (MTO) Project for Shenhua (Baotou) Corp.