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SZQG-11 CNC Underwater plasma cutting machine
Track width: 4000mm Track length: 15000mm
25,000tons Oil Press Machine (Designed and fabricated by THVOW) 
One-shot stamping molding capability: 
ID5600mm×250mm (spherical head) ID6800mm×320mm (ellipsoidal head) 
CKD52125×50/250 Vertical Lathe Max machining: 
diameter 12500mm,height 5000mm Work table diameter: 8000mm
Overhead travelling crane 
Main hook: 600tons; Secondary hook: 100tons 
Hoisting height ≤ 25m
1-2# berth length: 240m depth: -10m 3# berth length: 186m depth: -12m 
4# dock basin berth length: 128m width: 36m depth: -9m 
(100m away from workshop, with two 200tons cranes, hook height 23m) 
Max transportation capacity: dimension: ID15m×120m; weight: 2000 tons 
Seven bays Heavy-duty Workshop
Fabrication Capability: Diameters up to 15 meters; Weights up to 2,000 Tons
Five bays S.S. and Special materials workshop 
Fabrication Capability: S.S.; duplex steel; Super-Duplex steel
ZCM(Su Zhou)Heavy Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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